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In terms of usability, GBRATS is the very best site, since it was one of the first sites to have all kind of tabs and settings like trackers and meta data. The menu is super straightforward and you can customize it as you see fit. Of course, theres also a lot of functionality that can be tweaked, if you get right of the menu.

Sofar, all the sites listed have been to help you download legit games. However, this nifty little website will also help you find pirated copies of games. So far, theres only two torrents available on the site, but you can keep your eye on that site to find more. Also, it’s important to note that this website is in Chinese, so the website interface may look a bit different from what youre used to with English.

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You can find cracked versions of apps, games and other types of software on the internet. And, if you want to take advantage of them, there are easy ways to find them. Simply search for the software you want on Google and then select the “Related” or “Sources” results. The results will display the websites that offer software similar to the one you’re looking for, usually at discounted prices. Make sure you also check the website’s reviews, ratings and any feedback the software’s community has given them before you purchase it.