BiglyBT Is Probably The Best Torrent Client Ever 🖳

BiglyBT Is Probably The Best Torrent Client Ever 🖳


BiglyBT Is Probably The Best Torrent Client Ever

if you just need to bypass the limit of using your own ip for torrenting, there are many ways to do that. however, most of these solutions are not reliable as a daily use solution – they could result in real problems if you are no longer able to connect to the vpn from one day to the other.

if you are using bittorrent to download torrents or are streaming movies online, then it is safe to say that you are using a vpn. remember that, your ip is not private and anyone who knows it has access to all your data. by connecting to a vpn, you are creating a new ip address that other can’t access. it is a safe way to browse the internet while having the option to add your own ip address to a.onion website.

maybe the best thing to do is to avoid https connections? why not use a non-https search engine? bitblinder:
its been too long since ive found a search engine that doesnt use https on search results pages. also, if youre worried about someones sitting on your dns logs, youre forgetting something that i actually want to look up in the first place:

that’s a very good point. i think torrents and the tor network are so cool and perfect for each other, if they just could work together. it’s a really good idea, and would help us solve some problems that we have, like the one that we’re discussing. you’re also right that it should be easy to install and use. maybe instead of not using them together you could maybe have a «live» mode. live mode would let torrents and tor work together but the speed would probably be limited. you would still have all the anonymity benefits that tor provides.

attacks on tor exit nodes are specifically a problem, not on tor itself – especially as tor is totally uninvolved. if you are doing something like running bittorrent over tor then in theory you are being tracked anyway due to the fact that you are sharing content – so the chance you are doing anything illegal is rather high. as for source – no worry, since the client itself is end-to-end encrypted and as a result has no way of sharing your ip, its source identity is hidden.
i don’t think there is any easy fix for this. we are currently much more interested in making tor better and safe, rather than listening to your suggestions for random tweaks that you may use in your socks settings without really thinking about whether your socks proxy setup is correct or not. that doesn’t seem to be sufficient to secure you against all possible attacks. you have failed to indicate a concrete threat, or what type of attack you are referring to.
rather than make specific suggestions i’m simply making an appeal to tor – please listen to our users by working to make tor better and safer, rather than avoiding their concerns. tor is a free system that we all use, and it’s survival depends on our users’ willingness to use it.
i don’t think that’s a problem for them, they just have to embrace tor’s open client nature. they could easily implement something like the npn (new tcp port selection) that tor needs. something like this already exists in the form of socks for android (and it was approved by the tor developers for inclusion). if they added it to socks proxy, port fixes would be unnecessary.