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Name Charlie II
Publisher vyncrow
Format File
Rating 4.55 / 5 ( 1842 votes )
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X-Plane 11, by X-Plane maker, P3D Developments, is a free, commercial, high-quality, full-featured flight simulator. Using a ground-breaking new Flight Model Technology, built on the industry-standard Universal Avionics Architecture, X-Plane delivers an unparalleled, gameplay experience.
Key Features:
Flight Model: X-Plane’s new Flight Model is the result of years of development, a fully researched, extremely accurate overhaul of the traditional Flight Model and a complete re-architecture of the Universal Avionics Architecture with the goal of making X-Plane the most realistic flight simulator on the market. The result is X-Plane, now the most realistic flight simulator on the market.
Universal Avionics Architecture (UAA): X-Plane is the only flight simulator with a separate instance of the UAA which provides an extremely accurate and highly adaptable Avionics Systems Model and a flexible Aircraft Model, the culmination of years of research, development and optimization. All of this for a fraction of the cost of a traditional aircraft avionics design. This innovative design allows X-Plane to be the most accurate aircraft flight simulation available.
Huge Flight Database: X-Plane’s Flight Database is the largest in-game flight database with over 1,400,000 fully researched aircraft and 200,000 full mission profiles, all rendered in high resolution.
Ground Flight Paths: X-Plane includes Flight Paths on the ground to provide a greater sense of immersion in the flight experience.
Dynamic Weather: X-Plane 11 offers the ability to choose from 15 different types of weather from over the world. Weather is generated by an accurate atmospheric model and dynamically changes based on real time data.
Realistic Flight Model: X-Plane 11 offers the most realistic flight model in the industry with a separate engine for the horizontal, vertical, and auto-throttle functions, that independently affect the airframe performance. The flight model makes the simulation extremely realistic and responsive to throttle inputs.
Controls: X-Plane is the only flight simulator with fully optimized controls, including real-time control response with customizable and customizable resolutions.
Twin Cockpit Mode: X-Plane is the first flight simulator to offer true twin cockpit mode. As you climb to a cruising altitude, the second cockpit appears and you can provide input for the second pilot by using the AUX switch. The second cockpit can also be operated


Name Charlie II
Publisher vyncrow
Format File
Rating 4.55 / 5 ( 1842 votes )
Update (1 days ago)


Features Key:

  • Character control: Click and drag the character’s arms
  • Pause: System pause to display the Scores!
  • Selection control: Click on the character to change the character’s direction
  • Acting simulation: The character will react to his surroundings
  • Score Points: The player that scores the highest will win!
  • Constraints: Special commands to slide the characters.
  • Facilities: Use the Menu to select different costumes, helmets, shoes, etc.
  • Various scenes in the game: Go into nightclub, prison, dance floor, lottery, etc.
  • What’s really new in this version?

    The user can now select the default scene in the game. This scene is corresponding to the selected Costume.

    What’s new for Windows?

    • Massive score optimization to complete a fun game in 10 seconds!
    • Improved UI to further enhance the user experience.

    Charlie II is the sequel of the original IPhone drawing game Charlie I. In his new scene he manages to score in his first try! Let’s see what you can do this time! Enjoy!



    Clic on the sprite or the screen to see the tutorial game.

    Control :

    0. Tap twice on the screen to switch to the default costume

    1. Re-tap to switch to the selected Costume

    2. Move left to control the character’s movement

    3. Move right to control the character’s movement

    4. You can change the movement by tapping on a character.

    5. Tap 5 times to show a notes view which will help you to memorize your scores

    6. Tap the screen to resume the game

    7. In the notes view, you can click


    Charlie II

    Charlie is a two player strategy game with some differences from the original Charlie. The player who has to be the good guy is controlled by the game. With the help of Charlie, you’re able to help yourself by killing your enemies and taking their stuff. Have fun with Charlie!
    Oh and BTW I’m still working on the art style for Charlie II, so don’t expect Charlie II to be released on Steam right after Charlie I is released, that would be way too fast…
    Thanks for reading this long text, if you want to support Charlie II then please consider donating to Greenlight, Upvote on Steam or on Greenlight and I’ll really appreciate it. If you really like Charlie II and you want to show me your support you can buy me a coffee and you get a personal thank you on my channel. Let’s be friends?
    Charlie II is also on:

    published:22 May 2017


    Video game in the making. Keep a look out for the trailer by 2018.
    Full Playlist here

    Charlie, or Charley, is a cartoon cat that first appeared on Cartoon Network’s series Animaniacs. He is one of the central characters in the series, appearing in every episode. His voice is provided by Harry Shearer, a regular on Animaniacs and The Critic.

    Charlie is a 2D-animated cat and one of the main characters on the animated series Animaniacs. He is a streetwise, rat-catching, morally upright feline who usually speaks in a sarcastic, childlike voice.

    Charlie is a streetwise, rat-catching, morally upright feline who usually speaks in a sarcastic, childlike voice. He is the arch-enemy of the announcer characters Yakko Warner and Wakko Warner, both inveterate golfers. He is also the leader of the gang of cats that are Yakko and Wakko’s allies.

    Charlie is a cat who’s always telling jokes. He lives on a garbage can beneath an arch at the intersection of 7th Avenue


    Charlie II Torrent

    (FEATURED) Update: April 30, 2015
    From our extensive feedback and testing so far, you are telling us that the original gameplay and levels are just not enough. So, in order to provide you with the most satisfying gameplay experience, we have put a lot of extra effort into the Charlie II update. In this update, we have completely re-written the entire game engine, from start to finish, all the way to the top level. This includes:New game engineNew levels (new maps, and new game modes).Classic levels are also updated with new game modes and maps (all original Charlie versions were updated with classic game modes and maps).The engine makes it easier for us to create new levels, and supports more game modes.Charlie game engine provides the underlying basis for the newly created game levels and game modes. Based on the new engine, we have the ability to create entirely new levels, and the modes include:CTF – Capture the Flag – the old games mode is back. New game mode includes:Player vs Player mode (PvP) – When a new level is created, we have the ability to create the underlying basis for the new game mode. Thus we are able to provide a new game mode with lots of different map types, and player classes.BT/BTB/CTF – Break the tower – the game mode is similar to CTF, however, in this mode, the tower cannot be destroyed by bullets, only by arrows. The game can be played in 4 vs 4 mode, or 8 vs 8 mode. When the tower is destroyed, the remaining players can get points by hitting the remaining tower.

    Game Lores:
    The Game of Dwarfs. The name itself tells the story. Players can take the role of dwarfs, and try to collect valuable stones that can be taken to the king’s treasure house. They have to work hard and fight with goblins, other dwarves, and even monsters. The game has 7 game modes, and for every mode, a game map is created. For example, in the classic mode (newest one), each map has various map-types such as King’s Island, Underground Pass, and Dungeon. Game Lores can be played by 1-4 players, and the game has 60 levels.

    Fantasy Chess. A fantastic retro game for the classic board game, Fantasy Chess features fantastic looking Chessboards, and lots of original game-modes. Fantasy Chess is one of the best


    What’s new:

    … I hope something I write makes you smile (or laugh) one day. It’s been a lifetime in the making.

    Wednesday, October 10, 2010

    You’ll be right if you stay now

    It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted on this blog. Well, almost a year, in all honesty. You know how these things go. School is out. I have nothing to report. I thought maybe I would create something- journal (that’s a big one), start a blog, do something- when the «oh crap, I have lots to say» though came back. Like a song returns to your head as it ebbs. But it never comes. I mean, I have no problem creating. It’s just getting those words out that’s hard. I know that.

    I think to myself that I’m living at wayyy too slow of a speed and I’m past due to start working on my novel. Actually, I’ve got it written (checked it this morning) but I just need to get it out there. I need to get back into it. I think I know what I am missing. «Boy, wait until you have kids,» I say, but then I believe it really is the writing that will hold me back.

    I don’t want to sell my novels to someone else (when I am ready for that), I just want people to be able to dip into them to find different people and more- than in a blog where I write a little something (all a little too much) about myself. You know you’ve hit something gold if you have people all over the world telling you they want to read it. It will be a very long process making and putting those things together and I’m sure there will be a lot of rejections and nearly full one-page rejection letters (at least they have three choices on that one page) along with the next. But, back in October 2006, I tossed that book aside. I uploaded my book to my school’s website and then, I don’t know, wandered off. If I started writing a book that year, it wouldn’t be what it is now.

    It’s growing. It’s been 38 months of sitting on the same gravely plot of grass and then I had to pull it together and tell it. I was seventeen at the time and I jumped head-first into life, college and a long and well-laid-out path. Now I am 28


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