Download 1920 Evil Returns Movie In Hd Quality ##HOT##

Download 1920 Evil Returns Movie In Hd Quality ##HOT##

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Download 1920 Evil Returns Movie In Hd Quality

i want you to look at some numbers in the documentary «the pirate bay».

  • two years ago there were 68.000 torrents including movies in the pirate bay. they have managed to decrease it to 13.000.
  • there are just over 500.000 tracks available in the pirate bay. that is less than 1% of the available tracks on youtube. more: the total music industry revenues are about 360.00..
  • for comparison: my total music collection includes all formats, and approx. 100.000 tracks.

i have probably spent a thousand dollars buying dvd’s and blu-rays over the years, yet i still have all my legal counterparts. to me that means that there is an unlevel playing field. i dont own a single copy, despite the fact that each copy has a legitimate owner.
i am making more money with my cd collection than i would have with another million dollar car, except that the car is just sitting in my garage. the fact that i pay less for my pristine cd collection does not justify any claims by people who get pissed off when i buy the best collection of songs/movies without spending a single dime on them.

why bother reading the comments? for all the experts, engineers and lawyers who give advices you might want to stop and think. there are obviously some great points in this debate. but overall it is just worth to shut it off if you already have a solid stance.

it does not work that way. you have the right to judge as much as you want, the right to tell others what to do. it is just a discussion about facts. your judgement are not facts, your judgement does not add any value to the discussion.

we want a hand in the making of our own back catalogue, as well as in the making of our own movies. maybe you do, too. if so, this is worth paying a price for some folks . i don’t want to get into my usual rant about monetary scarcity, but if capitalism is defined as the process of redistributing a society’s wealth, then fiscally constrained markets are less disruptive to the process than the free exchange of creative labor. and anyone who has ever worked with pirated media knows that it really doesnt work. it will be interesting to see if kevin mccartts position can even stand in the face of this.
there is another reason i didnt buy it, though. the last time i watched some of the internet rumors (about continuity errors, plot holes, and such), the impression i had was that the author simply did not know what he was talking about and wasnt trying very hard to have a conversation and instead throw some facts and arguments around to claim support of his beliefs. if that was the case, i would feel sorry for him and i would give him the benefit of the doubt. the experience wasnt positive.
in this case, the author seems to have been too interested in the correctness of his own interpretations and tone-deaf on the very nature of the debate about piracy. the author has also failed to recognize that he is not actually arguing with the people who hate his books, even though, as far as i can tell, he thinks of himself as being arguing with them. as much as he talks about “the intellectuals” and “the morlocks,” what he is really arguing with is only the people who actually bothered to read his books and, by the way, are almost all the people who actually enjoy and support his work. you are not debating with the person who burnt every harry potter book you ever owned when they were released; you are going at it with everyone else who likes harry potter, including, i imagine, the people who buy your products. because the debate isn’t over intellectual property – it’s over whether you should have a monopoly on access to your own creative work. and in the mind of the anti-piracy crowd, the debate is pretty much over, so they are pretty much willing to treat you and your work with complete disrespect. i appreciate that book authors are entitled to an audience, even if they are morons. they have the right to earn money, and they have a right to be taken seriously. but my defense of the right to intellectual property isnt about them at all. the right to intellectual property is a means of granting creators the right to distribute their own work. that same right should apply to music, to books, to movies. copyright is just a cover, a means of preventing you from selling your own work. and just as you should not be prevented from talking about whatever you want, i dont see why you should be allowed to prevent other people from talking about it. books and movies are, among other things, a means of speech. nobody has the right to censor you. you have the right to your speech.