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dying light is an action-survival horror video game developed by techland and published by deep silver. it was released on xbox 360, ps3, and pc on june 7th, 2013 in europe and june 14th, 2013 in north america. it is an open world game, and the player takes the role of a parkour-skilled trapper named jailbreak who must fight for his survival in a zombie-infested city.

for the first time, the game is available on steam, allowing you to access the pc version from your computer. this is not a port, but the steam version is in fact a complete re-release and has all of the content of the original game including the dlc. in addition, you get the dying light extreme edition which includes a new, longer prologue, and four new dlcs. the pc version of the game is also available for xbox one and ps4, and it has all the content as well.

however, you should know that the pc version of the game is not optimized for lower-end pcs. it works fine on most of them, but it is not made for all of them. if you want to play the game at the highest settings, you should check out dying light on steam or dying light extreme edition on steam.

the game has been created by techland, known for such series as dead island, spec ops: the line, and state of decay. the team consists of more than 30 people, who created the game using unreal engine 4. dying light has a very realistic and distinctive atmosphere, set in a post-apocalyptic world. the game was released for pc, ps4, and xbox one in march 2015.

dying light is a first-person shooter action adventure game that features a wide open world to explore, and a multitude of weapons and skills. the game has been created by techland, known for such series as dead island, spec ops: the line, and state of decay.

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