Jhansi Rani Tamil Serial Title Song 13


Jhansi Rani Tamil Serial Title Song 13

her autobiography, nehila, is a must-read for those interested in tamil film history. the recipient of the film and television producers guild award in 2006, she would continue to act and act and act, rarely retiring from the films. she was also honoured with the madras tamil nadu government award for lifetime achievement in 2006.

she also acted in two telugu films, krishnayya (1960) and kulaipeda veeraiah (1962), which were a hit. though there was a popular misconception that she had acted in a string of hits, there were only those two films

she did not start her acting career till she was 20, starting out with the stage and in 1938, she landed a role in the film somasamudram. after struggling in the field for a few years, she acted in a few telugu films and a few marathi films.

before i started watching jhansi rani, i tried watching many many episodes of the serial on youtube, which were all dubbed. i thought that maybe i would like to try and watch the dubbed episodes. but i don’t. the dubbing was not good. it sounded very bad. it was so bad that i couldn’t bear to watch the dubbed episodes.

jhansi rani is a good series. it is about jhansi rani (who is not jhansi rani), who is the wife of jhansi, who is taken away from her and her son to be put to death, but is saved by a princess who takes her into her service. it is a very melodramatic series. so much so that i don’t like melodramas. but i am quite happy that i got into it. now i am waiting for the season 2.

i have also just finished watching the serial songbird in english, which is based on the same book written by the same author. it is very good. i am going to watch the second season soon. i am going to read the 2nd book of the series soon.

i love jhansi ki rani. it has stuck with me since day one. i cry every time i see any episode. every episode makes me feel like it is the one and only show in my life. so why do they have to stop? why do they just release the first season one time at once? it is not fair to the fans. i am still waiting for the next season to come. i understand the budget but they should not mind it.
here is another question. they never show anymore videos for those who are in the middle of a show. they just show the first episode and then leave. that is a rubbish way to show things. i did not know i was missing an episode if the show was stopped. i really do not know why they are doing that. they spoil the endings that way for the viewers.
we’re used to watching hollywood movies and then when an indian tv show comes it’s ready. sometimes its great but some of them just end. and they never show the next season after that. it’s not fair. so you’ll never see what happens next. i personally feel the same for jhansi ki rani. i get a feel like why did that happen, what is this doing? and it’s also a little bit selfish. they just end the season in a huge disappointing way. so you’re not getting the next season either. and it’s not fair. so it’s not really a wise decision they’re doing.
her film career has been a roller-coaster ride. she was nominated for the best actress award at the filmfare awards for sringaram (1955), since tamil films didn’t have separate awards then. but after that, it took her a while to get back on her feet.
she is also the producer of her own film, velan (1955) and has also acted in a very few tamil films. she is revered for her portrayal of the role of a proud tamil woman in kanagatham (1954) and the hugely popular character of queen (1955).