Les Deux Tours 720p Uptobox Movies 🖥️

Les Deux Tours 720p Uptobox Movies 🖥️


Les Deux Tours 720p Uptobox Movies

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the songs in order of their use in the movie, written by lennon-mccartney unless otherwise indicated:01 – magical mystery tour02 – the fool on the hill03 – she loves you (played on a fairground organ, part of the general medley of background music during the impromptu race)04 – flying (lennon/mccartney/george harrison/richard starkey)05 – all my loving (background music, orchestrated in the style of the pas de deux section from tchaikovsky’s the nutcracker ballet)06 – i am the walrus07 – jessies dream (an instrumental, not released on any official audio recording)08 – blue jay way (harrison)09 – death cab for cutie (performed by the bonzo dog doo-dah band) (vivian stanshall/neil innes)10 – your mother should know11 – magical mystery tour (reprise) (credited as part of the full magical mystery tour, but this is not the case)12 hello, goodbye (part, finale played over end credits)
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