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MindMaple Pro is a modern and comprehensive piece of software designed from the ground up to offer you a distraction-free environment and all the tools required for project managing, concept mapping, brainstorming and task scheduling.
Upon first opening the application, you are greeted by a streamlined and clear-cut interface, with a modern ribbon toolbar that provides you with quick access to all the features without over-complicating things.
As expected, the utility enables you to add new topics and move them around with absolute freedom. Furthermore, you can add details to your mindmaps, such as documents, relationships, boundaries and hyperlinks.
Regardless of you wanting to use MindMaple for home or business-related tasks or simply for education purposes, the app can handle it. For example, it allows you to organize multiple threads of ideas so that you can keep track of responsibilities, deadlines, contacts and budgets.
Furthermore, MindMaple can also be successfully used for presentations, all while enabling you to focus on multiple ideas and the whole concept. When it comes to note taking, MindMaple can help by allowing you to structure and categorize the information.
You can also share your projects and mindmaps with your colleagues. A very good thing is the fact that you can share your mindmaps including their images, attachments and analysis. While not a specialized tool for this exact purpose, the app can also be employed for even planning.
Moreover, the app also comes with support for advanced Microsoft Office exporting options and with support for password protecting your projects. Besides all this, you can also export your work to PDF, to change the app’s theme, colors, clip arts and backgrounds.
Taking all of the above into careful consideration, MindMaple is a straightforward and comprehensive software solution for mind mapping with a lot of real-life applications. In some respects, the app can provide (at least temporary) replacement for other specialized tools for presentations, for scheduling and finance and note taking and sharing.


Download >>> https://urluso.com/2snKmO

Download >>> https://urluso.com/2snKmO






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– No more zooming in and out of the task list to view only what you need.
– MindMap is one of the most intuitive way to represent ideas and relationships, and MindMaple Pro Activation Code visually demonstrates the power of MindMap as a tool for structuring and simplifying the thinking process.
– No need to hire a professional to design your mindmap. With MindMaple, you can create mindmaps by simply dragging and dropping the nodes on to the canvas.
– MindMap is a simple and easy to use application for organizing, presenting, maintaining and visualizing your ideas and information.
– MindMap is suitable for all your personal and professional projects.
– No need to use Microsoft Office as a reference anymore, because MindMap does it all.
– Quickly add all kinds of content to your mindmap, such as documents, tasks, relationships, callouts and much more.
– Show your mindmap to your colleagues through the MindMaping tool which allows you to share your project and the ideas behind it.
– MindMap was made for you, the user, to make MindMap as fast and simple as possible. No matter what your level of experience is, MindMap was designed with you in mind.
– Split MindMap by selecting a node, drawing a boundary, and create a new mindmap to work on a segment or topic.
– MindMap is getting new features as we are developing it.
– Easily save your mindmap to PDF.
– Special algorithms can analyze the structure of your mindmap and highlights the structural elements of your mindmap, such as the most crucial ideas and relationships.
– Export your mindmap to PDF in popular formats such as PPT, PPTX, TXT, XLS, XLSX, DOC, RTF, DWG and more.
– MindMap was developed for Microsoft Office 2007 and above but it will also work on 2010 or later versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Note: It may not work on older versions of Microsoft Office (such as Word 2003). Therefore, test it first on a free version before purchasing!

What’s New

– Add a button to export the mindmap to PDF

– Add a button to export the mindmap to PDF (in Menu File -> Export…)

– Many improvements to the «Export» feature
– Design

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• No distractions
• Multiple mindmaps
• Mindmap notebooks
• Mindmap merges
• Mindmap editing
• Mindmap splitting
• Visible tags, notes, attachments and hyperlinks
• History and Version control
• Add images, files and hyperlinks
• Export to PDF, MP3, EPUB, Office files
• Sharing of projects and mindmaps
• Password protection
• Date support
• Support for multiple Microsoft Office Document Formats
• Mindmapping Plotting and Drawing Support
• Mindmap cloning
• Free Art Clip Art support
• Support for 16 common-currency currencies
• Categorize and Share
• Switch between Tab and Tabs or Graphical views
• Navigation and Pane control
• Preferable Views
• Theme options
• Mindmaps sharing with team
• Tutorials
• Workspace / Window behavior settings (Splitter, Window border, etc.)
• Project Scheduling
• Conflict resolution and revision
• Readme files, License agreement and Privacy policy
• 64 Bit Support
• Share projects and mindmaps with non-GitHub and Microsoft Office formats.

How to redeem?
1. Buy and download from the link in the description.
2. After downloading, you will need to extract the archive to your PC.
3. After opening MindMaple installer, it will ask you to complete a few steps, you can usually skip the first of them.
4. Then you need to register.
5. Go back to the download page, download the file.
6. Open it, and follow the steps after installation.
7. Enjoy!


For non-profit and personal use only.
Use of this app is prohibited on the following networks:
Windows Phone, Apple, Kindle, Google TV, Xbox Live, PSN.



• New features and some fixes.
• Improved the restore workflow (undo action).
• Added better self text recognition support for special characters.
• Enabled rollback to previous version (undo action).
• Added support for x64.
• Many other improvements and fixes.



• Fixed the English/German language packs.
• Added additional support for Swedish, Chinese, Hebrew, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Hungarian languages.
• Many other improvements

MindMaple Pro Crack

Maple Pro software is specifically designed for business and education use, where a lot of projects need to be supported by multiple participants. For this reason, the software is perfect if you have numerous projects to manage and need to spread the workload between several people. Maple Pro allows you to keep all your projects, documents, and tasks organized so you can manage the work efficiently, quickly and with great precision.
The program is easy to use because it provides you with a basic and user-friendly interface that allows you to focus on the task at hand. It helps you keep track of multiple projects without getting lost in them, you can easily view tasks, lists, documents, and email. With this kind of software, it is easy to create new projects, merge, move and even drag and drop your ideas. With Maple, you don’t have to work, plan and coordinate all of your ideas with lots of other people, this program will do all of that for you.
Maple Pro also comes with a set of tools designed to enhance your project life. For example, you can group your ideas in many different categories, and you can easily create new ones.
This program also gives you the capability to use an advanced Mind Map interface that allows you to manage various tasks at one time, and you can increase your productivity and save time. Maple Pro comes with a hierarchical database, so your projects can be easily sorted into a hierarchy, and you can display your projects graphically. Maple Pro also comes with standard reports, so you can see what your team is working on.


It is clear that Maple Pro has a lot of useful features that give you all of the tools you need to manage your projects efficiently.
First, you can easily manage your projects by grouping them into different categories. With the standard reports, you can get to see your tasks and what you are working on. With the advanced interface, you can create, modify and view your projects without having to open multiple tabs or programs.
When it comes to keeping track of your projects, you can easily drag and drop your ideas into the categories you need. With more than one project running at the same time, this program helps you work faster and organize your projects more efficiently.
At the same time, you can easily sort your tasks into different groups, so you can see what you are working on at a glance.
The program also allows you to create free style projects. The program comes with a standard library, but you can create

What’s New In MindMaple Pro?

Can use the most popular and flexible mind mapping program on multiple computers and platforms with the same mind map

View mind maps of any theme, size or complexity

Create mind maps in a variety of modes

Capture your thoughts in text

Share your mind maps by email, IM or through a link

Import documents, images and hyperlinks

MindMaple has a very broad range of features, from the simple and flexible to the powerful and complex. It’s a logical extension of the free MindMap program, so all its great features are included and more.
Also, it was designed from the ground up to be used by teams of people, and with mind-mapping tools.

«What is it?»

MindMaple is a mind mapping software that lets you create mind maps in a variety of modes.

Its basic mode is attractive and colorful, with the aim of being the most friendly to your mind. For even more control, you can opt for the more complex MindMap mode, as it uses more features and has many more options.

To make the mind map even more flexible and customizable, you can add the features of MindLeaders (an on-line mind mapping tutorial). You can also use MindMaple as a team collaboration tool by adding the MindLeaders web app to your mind maps.

«Can it do that?»

MindMaple is multi-platform.

Just because it uses the Internet to store your mind maps, it does not mean that you need to do so. If the Internet is not available, the programs allows you to continue with the mind mapping process on another machine that has Internet access.

Any file can be a mind map. You can choose from a variety of themes, sizes, and complexities, and can also attach any kind of file to a mind map. It is easy to create mind maps, and there are no limits to how many mind maps you can create, as the software is not limited by memory.

«What’s my score?»

MindMaple was ranked #5 in the «Top Mind-Mapping Tools» in the «Best Reviews» category by Lifehack.com.

In fact, Lifehack.com has included it in their list of top «8 Tools for Learning.»

«Where do I go now?»

The MindMap section of the MindLeaders website provides resources and tutorials for using MindMaple.


System Requirements For MindMaple Pro:

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3 or later
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Minimum 1024 x 768 Display
Hard Drive Space: 400 MB for install, 200 MB for in-game download
Additional Notes: We recommend that you install the latest version of Google Chrome and Adobe Flash Player.
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