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In MoveUp, you control moving blocks as they jet across the sky. Your mission is to stop them precisely on top of one another to stack them. If you do the job well, you are rewarded with another block of the same size. However, if you fail to line up the blocks, the part left outside of the underlying block disappears and the next block you get is smaller. The smaller the blocks, the more challenging it is to stack them.
Despite its simplicity, MoveUp can get highly engrossing. Each time a piece of your block disappears and the next blocks get smaller, you become more absorbed since you see the end of the game getting closer. Fortunately, you can gradually grow back your blocks by landing several perfect landings in a row.
All in all, MoveUp is an excellent choice for some casual VR gaming, especially after a long day. Fire it up, get stacking, and put reality on the back burner, even if for a few minutes. You will not regret it.
About Common Sense Software:
Common Sense Software is a game developer based in Islington, North London.
We previously developed the award-winning journey VR game, Worlds Away, for the Oculus Rift; a game that explores the visual side of VR while allowing players to experience a sense of space and freedom; currently on Steam Early Access. We are also currently working on the upcoming release of our next VR game, Reality Room.
If you’d like to get in touch with us, please contact us via the following:

► Official website:
► Support me on Patreon:
► Facebook:
► Twitter:
► Discord:
► Road


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  • A custom soundtrack by the mind behind Cakewalk’s custom and charting utilities
  • More beats and loops are available for Ultimate Custom Night than any other rhythm game on the planet
  • More than 420 elaborate beats to customize and play
  • Play with your favorite instruments from your favorite music brand, Korg,
    Cakewalk, Roland, Casio and others, over 30,000 pcs
  • Play with the world’s most popular MIDI controllers-MSP, Novation Impulse,
    Korg X-Station, Korg X-5
  • Make the final preparation of your custom mixes without a computer


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Professor Teaches QuickBooks is a computer training game that was created by David Basadonna. This game was designed to help teach a user to navigate through QuickBooks and how to effectively maintain it.
Reviews and Ratings
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Welcome to Numen: Contest of Heroes, where players set out to live out an adventurous story that gets players involved in the world of ancient Greece, where myths of heroes and gods live on. Numen: Contest of Heroes includes a number of heroes and gods of different specialization, that players may choose to join forces to earn fame and glory. Whether fighting and slaying dragons, or if you want to play it safe and fight alongside the gods, the choices are up to you.

** Exclusively on Facebook ** Introducing FLOWERS Of THE DEATH This March, we bring you FLOWERS OF THE DEATH, the first mobile game that allows you to enjoy the Numen: Contest of Heroes mobile experience anytime, anywhere. Get ready to set out on an epic journey to the past. Start fleshing out your character to become the ultimate sword and sorcery hero! Take on evil and satisfy the whims of the Gods by recruiting new companions. Play as either a hero of the past or the Gods themselves. Battle your way through a multitude of NPC enemies and unlock new weapon and armor combinations to make your character more powerful.

Fight your way through the harsh elements of the wilderness, accompanied by the kind and caring followers of the Gods. Equipped with the best items, weapons and armor, get ready for a very long journey!

Discover the riches and ancient mysteries of the world that existed long ago! Delve into new content and help uncover secrets, you may even have the opportunity to conquer the Underworld, the land of the Gods and the dead!Numen’s first mobile game brings to you a brand new experience! This game is not only a simple Arcade game, but also a collectible that you can keep forever and a day! We’re here to make you better and this March, we bring you FLOWERS OF THE DEATH!

* Combat – Discover a variety of attack moves and defensive maneuvers from among many playable classes. Each hero will have his or her own moveset and passive abilities.

* World – Journey through a variety of environments, with large maps offering unlimited space to explore.

* Campaign – Battle alongside new hero companions to expand your party and gain new abilities.

* Equipment – Unlock new armors and weapons.

* Arena – Fight in the Arena duels of Numen: Contest of Heroes!

** FAQ ** Q: What is this?

A: This is a special game created by the Numen mobile developer using


What’s new:

    Druaga: Monster Blunder

    Though if you did not have the special edition, then the fully licensed reproduction chances of your games would be nil since most gaming companies would be reluctant to release physical versions of games that only have an import-only option. Yet, when a game comes out, and the sole way to get it is to go on a very expensive hunt for a used game, it is still quite a monumental hurdle.

    Nowadays, however, maybe because a lot more games are being licensed by Japanese studios, there are more and more used games popping up. The more games that are awarded a double figure sales price on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and even Windows Live, I see less and less of these limited edition games, and more copies of the game getting sold. This is unfortunate, because making the final creature stretch a bit more on the back of a game that is already expensive, and with the PAL version being priced at 4,000 yen, not that much of a saving. Though overall, this is what I imagine the collector to be thinking and if they do manage to complete the legendary run, the game will be another timeless gem that a collector can add to their collection.

    But Konami still felt the need to sell more copies and increase their profit margin on the game. So when Konami announced that it was going to introduce parts of the Konami Code, and adding a “Destroy All Monsters” cheat to the game, not to mention making the PAL version a handheld exclusive versus the US version, so a lot of people were up in arms. And they didn’t care who they were, and why the game was different and they were so up in arms that they were willing to write insulting things on a company’s Facebook page, and they even lied that the game was an Xbox 360 version. Too little too late, and I thank a certain company for their creative brilliance.

    The game starts off as rather simple as it would be for early 90’s. Konami decided to make a maze game, where the player can navigate their way through the mazes, blowing up monster after monster, trying to defeat each boss in order to reach the next level.

    The layout of the game is rather noticeable, and a bit simplistic. It starts off as sort of just a maze, but the player looks at the screen in a 16:9 ratio that allows the player to overlook the maze in the back. The upper, middle and side monitors are designated for


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    Psychonauts is a game by the creator of Tim Schafer’s Double Dragon series, Ron Gilbert. Gamers were introduced to the Psychonauts in the fall of 2005. This was after an absence of nearly two decades. While at the time the Psychonauts announcement was considered a shocker, then we were immediately given the game a day later. The release trailer and game site announced that this was going to be something special, in fact something new and different. We were treated to a rockin’ soundtrack, not reminiscent of any game we’ve ever played, an out-there concept of a comedic genius with a twist of gameplay, and finally, a concept for a character and game that transcended a video game, and became what we all truly hoped it would be: a roleplaying game.
    Gameplay, as stated above, is not at all what we were use to in early 2000’s first-person shooter games. You were given a gun and it was difficult to control. Psychonauts put a twist on this and created a new genre called Portals. Think of it like this: We’ve all seen the kind of picture you can take on your mobile phone camera. So now we have portals that we can take on and off of. Every time the game starts you go into a portal. Now, these portals are just like what you’ve seen on the picture. You are met by some characters, challenge your skills of observation, and solve a puzzle. Now, your portal changes depending on which character you’re with. The first character is Raz, who has the ability to control the environment around him. The second is Raz’s daughter, Lara, who has different abilities than him. The third is a super genius named Brain, who needs to be shot with a slingshot, in order to counter his odd skills, or abilities.
    Psychonauts has three different modes of play. Players have the option to pick a character, which they can do at any time during gameplay. You’ll have to explore the levels, find the different paths, and solve puzzles to find the best route to the item you’re looking for, or to exit the level. In order to do this you’re going to have to observe, pick up items to customize your character’s equipment, and use their special ability. Each character’s special ability can take five to six levels of practice to use effectively.
    The Story:
    Psychonauts tells the story of a group of young teens, their action-packed


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If $\triangle ABC$ is a triangle of capacity $\frac13$ then $BA\cap AC$ has capacity $\frac{2}{9}$

Suppose that $\triangle ABC$ is a triangle and $A,B,C$ are the midpoints of the three internal sides of $\triangle ABC$. Let $\triangle ADE$ a triangle. If $\triangle ABC$ has capacity $\frac13$,prove that $BA \cap AC$ has capacity $\frac{2}{9}$.


Here is a geometric approach. Since $AD$ bisects $\Delta ABC$ anglewise and $ADB \triangle ADC$ is similar to $\Delta ABC$, $(ADB) : (ADC) = (ADC) : (ADB)$, whence $BA: AC=AC: BA$. It follows by the alternate interior angle formula that $BC: AC = 2\sin^{ -1} \frac{1}{2} = 2\sin^{ -1} (\frac{\sq

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i3 3.4GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 8600GT / AMD Radeon HD 5670
Storage: 70 GB free space
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
Additional Notes: The game is installed in a folder on the main drive with the game files and other data.
Important: The game installs a trial version of the MakeAVPlayer (it is not a full version) and other data. All the