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For Diablo III Official Demo/Build Unpack, RAR Password Unlocker (Windows SFC) or.dmg (MacOS), or IPSW/taighenthon. macOS: rm -rf /Library/Updates/ sudo softwareupdate –all –fetch-all –no-use-binaries Download the dmg binary-manual (.zip): WARNING: This is a repack version! WARNING: A full game in one file. This file has 5 GB of content. If you need more space, I can make a larger version. Snailmail the file to you. If you don’t like this version, snailmail back the full game binary. For NCSOFT game time L4D2: This version comes with 5 different cheats, 5 different characters, and a complete game. It has the perfect amount of content. For NCSOFT game time SWAT4, HAWX2, and all other HL2 games The screenshots and sounds have not been touched. WARNING: This is not a repack! It has only the 10 characters, 6 maps, and all multiplayer maps! No cheats or other mods. It’s an EXACT port. If you can’t play multiplayer, go back to the repack.