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HOP is a classic jump-to-play game in which the goal is to get to a certain level, which changes with each new game.
What could possibly go wrong? The button to jump is only semi-transparent, and, of course, you have to reach from the bottom the little, yellow square on the top of the screen – but the bright yellow square does not stop you at its top, but at the top of the screen, and the yellow square itself moves up and down to get to the platform. As soon as you land on the platform, you jump again.
If you get to the first level, you can make the next jump with double the speed, but the platforms start going up slower, and there is a new obstacle when the screen starts scrolling – the little square goes up and down between each platform and at its bottom.
The further you go, the higher the level is, and it increases after each jump. The game is over if the platform is not reached.
How to play – it’s very easy! Just tap on the screen to jump to the next platform. If you fail to reach the platform, you lose a life. Try to land on the platform if possible. But if you fail, you lose.
HOP is one of the best classic games where you can test your logic. Test your luck and try to get a high score. HOP is a gift for all loved people.

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Raivo Features Key:

  • Game Key Features:
    • Season 1: The highly interactive soundtrack.
      Season 2: All the new songs from the Radio show, plus all the
      background music.
  • Play as Vinny, Evan, Damon or Jiya; create a persuasive
    presidential campaign, even get mixed with your supporting
  • 12 brand new backup songs for reflection.
  • Original game key.
  • German language. (British, US and Australian
    versions also available)
  • Game Key Features:
    Season 1: The Highly Interactive

    Season 2: All the New

    Songs from the Radio

    Show, plus All the
    Background music

    Play as Vinny, Evan, Damon or

    Jiya; Create a Persuasive

    Presidential Campaign, Even Get

    Mixed with Your Supporting Characters!

    All the Brand New Backup

    Songs for Reflection.

    Original Game Key.

    German Language. (British, US
    and Australian Versions also available)

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    > Feigenstoff Magic
    What is Feigenstoff Magic? Feigenstoff Magic is the «puzzler card game» with a self-explanatory name. For the first time, in this game, a single deck has all of the cards that you can build your deck with. So what are you waiting for? Just get this game and start playing!Features of the game include:
    * 1 Deck: In the original Feigenstoff Magic there were three decks, two main decks that had the original cards that were used to create the gameplay and a single deck with the spells.
    * 3 Game Modes: In the first version of Feigenstoff Magic there were just three different game modes that you could play: Epic, Normal, and Free Play.
    * 8 Game Types: You start off with 7 different game types in the original Feigenstoff Magic. This includes Classic Mode where you try to defeat your opponent, Super Hyper Mode where you play with the most cards, Endurance Mode where you try to defeat your opponent with only one card, Triangula Mode where you play three matches with one opponent where you start with 2 cards and you draw a card each round, Speed Match where you try to play as fast as possible, and Hand vs. Hand where you play in a 2 player match.
    * Multiplayer: In Feigenstoff Magic: Triangula Online Mode you can play a one on one match online against others where you start with 2 cards and you draw a card each round.
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    * Constructive and Non-constructive: Feigenstoff Magic includes cards that can destroy an object in play or a card in your opponent’s hand and will sometimes create a trap card that will then destroy a card if it is found later in the round. In the original Feigenstoff Magic the number of Constructive cards was limited and there was


    What’s new in Raivo:

    Blaster Master Zero 2 – DLC Playable Character: Empress from "Dragon Marked For Death"

    [This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource Games Press. For more news about the game see this week’s issue of Famitsu or follow GamaSutra.tv]

    Akihabara – In another exciting step in the development of Gunvolt’s adventure, Sega and Natsume have recently released a lineup of playable characters from the April 2011 issue of the Dragon Quest manga’s «Dragon Marked For Death» story.

    In addition to the maiden of the rabbits Hatsune who the Dragon Marked Hero Gunvolt first encountered in her state of Magical Life at Leafre of the Spriggan Divination, and later after restoring her battle ability by using her as a power source, the class of Majin characters is also battle playable characters who are the main protagonists of Dragon Quest’s April 2011 theatrical feature.

    These playable characters include:

    Empress, the leader of the Dragons who protected her people even beyond death.

    Defeating her will unlock the Playable Character Princess Yami who is trapped in the 14th World of Dragon Quest.

    The legendary scouter, the White Mage Kureha, who continues to burn with the flame of heroic pursuit.

    The White Mage combines a powerful spell and summons a strong minion, Muhree.

    The second step of this development

    The Dragon Quest manga story «Dragon Marked For Death» has already passed through the first step (Step 1: The Oasis of Weapon Creation) where the hero Gunvolt and his partner Kanq, the Copperclad take on the Dragon, the Spriggan we meet at the Secret of Leafre, who has attacked them in force and tried to destroy the world along with it.

    Further, in addition to defeating her as a weapon, after getting to know the hero, the Spriggan girl shares life-energy with him and entrusted to him the existence of her family.

    Following this, the hero uses the power attained from his encounter with Spriggan Princess Hatsune’s life-energy, recovers from the Zero Time, and finishes the battle.

    However after undergoing to Death: Zero Time, the life-energy of this Spriggan Princess is drawn to the hero, and it fuses its energy with him.


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    Isabelline is lost in a dream world. She wakes from a long fall, and finds herself in an unfamiliar world of fog and smoke. She is weary and lost, and is only able to recall snippets of her previous life. In the warmest place she can remember, she finds a fire. She is able to use her ability to manipulate flame to warm up her gloves, and then to keep warm by blowing on them. From this light source she is able to make out the outline of a mansion on the edge of a nearby river. As she examines the place more closely, she recalls a mansion full of furniture, of meals and of light. She remembers a sort of family, a small group of people who were always in the same place. Her memories fade as she studies the landscape more closely, and she realizes that what she remembers is a fake. She awakes to the present, disoriented. How did she get there? What is this place? Is she dreaming?
    Isabelline Fallow is a strange girl, lost in a strange world. Perhaps, she is dreaming.
    Choose your own adventure, find the clues, and make a new story about her life.
    There are puzzles in the world, but there is no right or wrong answer.
    The events of the game happen around her, but there is no story thread to follow. The story is yours to create.
    Isabelline Falls has no chosen path, no clear goal to reach. She has only this opportunity to escape what is to come.
    A game with an actual ending.
    (No hate if you don’t understand what I’m talking about. I’m not an asshole. :P)
    *NOTE:* The game uses the PS4 Move Controller, so it will not work on a PC unless you use a Controller Adapter of some sort. It is your choice if you want to use the gamepad, but if you are fine using the keyboard and mouse, you can do so. The right and left triggers will be mapped to the left and right buttons of your keyboard/mouse, respectively.

    Death Lives on the Corner
    Isabelline’s starry face looks out the window. She has been lost in her dreams for a long time. The sky is gone, and there is something else over the horizon, but Isabelline doesn’t know what it is. She turns to her sisters; they are cold, silent. She turns back to the window. She starts to run


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