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rajaji the movie full 1080p hd is a comedy that seeks to discover a common man, who succeeds in almost everything but sports. although his godfather loses bet for everything and therefore instructs him to give a five-years-old girl only rs 300/-, the money is spent in one night by the guy on making a movie instead. from the beginning, the sportsman realizes that he was the godfather’s first mistake.

rajaji the movie full 1080p hdmovie is written and directed by singeetham srinivasa rao in the year 1974. the film features m.m.s as a child artist in the lead role, pran as the sidekick, srividya as the mother, s.v.ranga rao as the uncle, b.rajan as the father, c.s.r as the uncle, m.n. lakshmi devi as the aunt, p.alwar as a friend.

he decided to make the movie with the help of his friend p.ramarao. it is an extremely funny and heart-warming tale of a sportsman. rajaji the movie full 1080p hdmovie is a chain of funny incidents which happened to him during the movie making.

rajaji’s event of visit to his home town during a foray to mysore during his son’s little one’s 3rd birthday celebration. the actor and his dear performed the indian sitara, in the celebrations of kavadi and sweets. the twins son, lakshya and adithya, was in awe of his grandfather’s performance and how he recognizes the recording of the language.
rajaji is the story of a couple. the husband is called karuppan and he is drinking all the time, by drinking he is unable to provide his family with enough money. soon his family will be starving. so one day he decides to solve this problem. he wants to borrow money from some people. but in order to save money for his family, karuppan is going to commit a crime. for that he needs his wife’s support. but unfortunately she is unable to support him as she is scared by the thought of his crime. she is terrified of going to court. karuppan’s drinking problem is also another reason for the family to be suspicious of his innocence. he once comes home drunk and is usually very aggressive. his wife, parvathi, has to face this problem. how is it possible to save their family from becoming homeless, and how does the karuppan take his alcohol problem in control? this is what the story is all about.
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