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Eternal Arena is a free DLC for The Banner Saga 3 available via the free update on May 18th, 2018.
The core game and the Banner Saga Trilogy are still available for purchase.
This DLC includes:
New battlegrounds, enemies, and a party of special melee and ranged fighters
5 new challenges
Character and enemy improvements
Weapons, equipment, armor, and weaponry
3 new levels for the arena: Arena 1, Arena 2, and Arena 3
*Available for the PS4, Windows PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.
Download Eternal Arena, and come back every week to become the stuff of legends!
The Banner Saga 3:
The Banner Saga 3 is available for the PS4, Windows PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch.
The game is set in the same universe as The Banner Saga, but in a new era. The series’ iconic features return: dialog wheel, point and click turn-based combat, changing seasons, character progressions, and several new exciting elements. Like The Banner Saga, the game is inspired by Norse mythology, with a dark tone and a focus on storytelling.
The Banner Saga 3 tells the story of a Norse family and their strife through 10 chapters, with branching narrative and main questlines, bringing together a huge ensemble cast, from the young to the elderly. The game features beautiful hand-drawn animation and artwork.
Can You Survive?
The most exciting element of the game is that you can die.
Create a new character at the beginning of the game, with a random name, gender, and age, and play the game however you like. From the start, choose your character’s main weapon and pick two weaknesses (one in Attack and one in Defense).
Of course, you can also choose to play as a Berserker (resurrecting a fallen enemy), or as a Huntsman (recovering XP by hunting wild animals). The choice is yours, and you will learn how to work with your enemies: you can either crush them underfoot, or make them your allies. The best thing about this is that each decision you make creates a unique path.
The game includes 1-2 hours of extra content, with 7 new units and 10 new maps.
**Eternal Arena DLC: All characters are available in the game without DLC.
The Highscore Leaderboard:
With the new Arena Mode and maps included in this DLC, you can compare your scores to all the players worldwide


Rasen No Sora Features Key:

  • Move in 8-Player Mode: A new cooperative challenge, where 2 players are using 2 different controllers. Just try to be a Tiger fighter and survive from the return of the Nazi Commandos
  • Move in Controllers Free Play Mode: With the 2 player mode, now players have to fight for survival in one map, and only one is the fighter.
  • Enemy behavior and planes deflection completed: An improved enemy behavior where enemy planes will land at different sides of the fighter and they can be deducted from the arsenal while landing in enemy territories.
  • Several new weapons: His weapon and his backfire’s are ready to use until the end.
  • New explosions while shooting.
  • Tons of new planes and weapons. Added the famous Tiger fighters, heavy bombers and the zeppelin.
  • Large locations: with the new added submarines and jungles for an increased gameplay.
  • New Finishes: as a sequel to the Mexican Standoff with custom made layouts.
  • New texts in 9 languages:
    English, Russian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Italian, Japanese and Korean
  • Tiger Fighter 1931 Tora! Tora! Tora! is made by:

    9v Games

    24 hour title

    9v Games is a small development team based in Spain, Spain, our goal is to bring fun games for all type of players and become the best studio worldwide.


    24 hour title


    24 hour title<


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    – Single player Heroes
    – Multiplayer
    – Level editor
    – Scenario editor
    – Controls tutorial for new players
    – Includes a detailed manual
    – Youtube tutorials
    – Live Online Gameplay
    – Introductory livestream video

    The game of building and harvesting, set in a Renaissance Europe in 1473. The goal is to trade and breed so that you can have the largest farming community. Take your time and play every turn carefully; you must build your community to win.

    Build a medieval castle for defense and trade!
    Armies of these little people battle each other for the right to rule the land.
    Build your castle!
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    Requires Classic PC, Windows 7, 8 or 10.

    The latest adventure in an exciting new universe of epic personal stories.
    Manage your growing empire. Explore new planets.
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    A highly polished, visually stunning RPG on your mobile.

    The War of the Lions is a classic 8-bit inspired wargame inspired by the beloved series of sci-fi computer games STOGAS WAR and STOGAS: Field Trip, and featuring all the awesome graphics and physics of the dedicated iPhone game of the same name.

    In this majestic turn-based simulation, you have the opportunity to design your own city.
    Build your own palace, connect buildings and upgrade them.
    Color, and use embossing and engraving, the tools of luxury.
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    Since the inception of video games, warfare has been a constant threat. Designed from the ground up with the iPhone in mind, Hexagon blends online multiplayer gameplay with the single player campaign into one addictive experience!

    The players start by building their own villages, battle on the battlefields and can even conquer the whole world!
    Simple to learn, yet challenging to master.
    Build on the strength of your army to defeat your enemies!


    Here at Modesta Games, we are the developers of


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    Gamepad controls follow classic German rules.
    Guilty leads the battle, the innocent is impelled by meek whimpering.
    Guilty leads the battle, the innocent is impelled by meek whimpering.
    Turn order:
    Right after the last Guilty is standing on the left
    Left after the last Guilty is standing on the right
    The order of turns depends on the number of prisoners.
    Cell rules:
    In the game, a cell can contain a maximum of 3 prisoners.
    Each prisoner represents a v.unit
    The number represents the player that has the total most points
    Units (v.unit), in game order:
    Petrified: +5
    Withdrawn: +2
    One-armed: +1
    Sentenced to death: +0
    The order of cells and dungeons does not change during the game
    The cells (dungeons) are regenerated every time a prisoner is caught.
    The levels of the dungeons are determined by the prisoners
    Who have the most points, each player is assigned one dungeon
    Also visible:
    Since the game is played in the middle of the dungeon, there is no room for a ladders
    The ladders are used to transport prisoners.
    When a player has the same amount of prisoners as his opponent, the game is over
    How a prisoner can get caught:
    You can catch a prisoner when they «fall» on you (by accident)
    You can catch a prisoner when they enter a cell you entered before
    Prisoners can escape from the dungeon
    To do this, the prisoner makes a jump and stands on a ladder
    On the same level as the player who catches him
    If the player jumps on the ladder, the prisoner has to make a jump and stand on a ladder
    If the prisoner stands on the ladder, the player has to jump on him
    When a prisoner is caught, he becomes a prisoner.
    If there are two prisoners standing on the same level, they are both prisoners.
    If a prisoner is standing on the same level as his enemy, he becomes a prisoner.
    If there are two prisoners on the same level, they are both prisoners.
    If a prisoner walks on the edge of a dungeon cell, he becomes a prisoner
    If he is standing on the edge of a dungeon cell, he is a prisoner.
    If a prisoner is on the edge of a dungeon cell, he becomes a prisoner.
    Otherwise, he becomes a prisoner


    What’s new in Rasen No Sora: