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Elden Ring is an action RPG of classical fantasy fantasy with a touch of action. The protagonist of the game is an Elden Lord, a hero who will be born to lead a fallen dynasty.

Players who take charge of the hero will lead the party on the fighting force «The Elden Ring,» and will be given the power to deal with the powerful «Formless God.» Along the way, they will experience a story full of mystery and excitement.

Players can take on the role of the hero and assume the duties of a leader. The world of the game is inhabited by a multitude of creatures. Each quest offers a surprise to players and has a story that is full of drama.

The battle system is a combination of classic RPG and action RPG. It incorporates a dynamic battle action system wherein the player controls the action of the battle directly using a touch. Battles progress in real time, and the player must pay attention to the moves and countermoves of the enemy in order to win. A player’s strategy must be prepared in advance, while simultaneous action with multiple combatants is the backbone of the game.

Key Features:

• Story of High Quality
The game world is rich and detailed with an original plot and a huge number of quests. The quality of the player’s interaction with the game world is as good as a high-quality TV drama.

• Original Model of Action RPG
Players take charge of the leader of «Elden Ring» in the theme of an action RPG. The hero guides the fight with a touch by issuing commands to the multitude of allies, and battles will proceed in real time. Players enjoy the thrill of directly taking part in battles that are intense and dynamic.

• Unique Features and Quality of Interaction
The single-player quest is designed to give a feeling of the fate of the player’s party. The conflict between the player and the hero will give a feeling of the excitement of a big action RPG. As the hero, the player takes command of the fight and connects with the other allies via a touch.

• Heavily-Detailed Graphics
The game world is richly detailed, with many elements such as special effects, beautiful scenery and music. Players can enjoy the sense of touch without depending on the eyes when they play the game.

• Three-dimensional Environment
A variety of beasts, demons and monsters appear. Players can fight many kinds of enemies. Battles progress in real


Features Key:

  • Dynamic Interactions. The scenario of the game revolves around a wide cast of characters. You can change your party’s positions and interactions freely, depending on the advancement of the story and the timing of actions.
  • Free Detour. You can freely move to each important location in the story. You can freely access important locations on your own schedule, and you can speed up your adventure by visiting important locations before starting your story quest as much as you like.
  • Exquisite Backgrounds. The background of each area is seamlessly connected with one another. Each area has its own landscape design with dynamic sights and sounds, creating a unique and blended atmosphere.
  • Original Dungeon Design. The dungeons in the Lands Between are fully realized with an original array of dungeons designed by the game’s creators. The original design of the dungeons will leave you awestruck.
  • Story with a Fresh Perspective. First of all, the story evolves, the character’s dialogue changes, and their decision changes depending on the character’s feelings. This is not a story that you will read in detail. Rather, it is a story that you want to experience in real time together.

    Mysterious and Exciting Cosmospheres: Cosmo, Cosmo, Cosmo….
    • Cosmospheres are the ultimate venue to unite the different cast members you meet.
    • Save another piece of your heart with the “Welcome Back of the Land.”
    • […]
  • Compatibility:

    • Windows and Nintendo® Switch Version (2p). Windows and Nintendo Switch Version is available in 2P (2 Players) mode.

      At the Nintendo Switch Version, “PC”


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      Elden Ring (Updated 2022)

      (In real-time)

      RPG (Role Playing Game) – an MMORPG-style RPG where you control the hero from start to finish.
      • A Portrait of a Vast World
      Experience the vast world through a multitude of situations; large-scale and small-scale combat; and beautiful, three-dimensional and complex dungeons with huge amounts of content.
      • A Story with More Than 20 Unfolding Scenarios
      A story that centers around the lore of the Lands Between, complete with a huge amount of character development, multiple scenarios, an ending that will not leave you indifferent and countless additional items.
      • An Epic Drama Born from a Myth
      This is the story of a hero of the Lands Between, Tarnished. After serving as the leader of the eastern Elden Lords, he has long since disappeared. Tarnished’s existence has long faded, but he must remember his past in order to cast away his doubts and accept his fate. As he travels through unknown regions and finally arrives at the Elden Lords, Tarnished begins to remember the memories of his past life and learns about his reason for being on this world.

      Official Website:

      *1. This game is not affiliated with the Japanese organizations that created the FINAL FANTASY series.
      *2. This game uses data acquired through the use of third-party software.
      *3. The maximum-limit number of characters in this game is 32.
      *4. This game is not affiliated with the Monster Hunter series.
      *5. The maximum-limit number of monsters in this game is 50.
      *6. This game uses the FINAL FANTASY series characters; copyrights to these are held by the respective owners.
      *7. This game is not affiliated with the Sword Art Online series.
      *8. This game is not affiliated with the Cyber Sleuth series.
      *9. This game is not affiliated with the Cyber Dragon series.
      *10. This game is not affiliated with the GREE series.
      *11. This game is not affiliated with the Dragon Quest series.
      *12. This game is not affiliated with the Phantasy Star series.
      *13. This game is not affiliated with the Resonance of Fate series.
      *14. This game is not affiliated with the Kingdom Hearts series.
      *15. This game is not affiliated with the Shin Megami Tensei series.
      *16. This game


      What’s new:

      “The Elder Scrolls Online” is the ultimate online RPG and fantasy RPG that reimagines online gameplay with unparalleled depth and freedom.Players will also be able to go on deadly adventures on the massive world of Tamriel alongside thousands of others as they fight together, compete together, and truly live, adventure, and glady in the world of Tamriel.

      “The Elder Scrolls Online” is an intellectual property (IP) and registered trademark (trade name) of ZeniMax Online Studios. ZeniMax has granted permission for THQ to use its world, characters, and likeness for the purpose of non-commercial distribution of The Elder Scrolls Online.

      You will need PS4 to download and start playing. Shop Nintendo Switch and buy now!


      Gameplay Trailer

      Developer Interview


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      Elder Scrolls Online


      What is The Elder Scrolls Online?:

      The Elder Scrolls Online is an action-MMORPG that fuses the best qualities of both previous Elder Scrolls games and popular titles of today to create a unique, living world. Set in the same universe as The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, players will explore the massive world of Tamriel and adventure as they slay dragons, explore dungeons, and engage in PvP combat.

      How do I install The Elder Scrolls Online?:

      You can install ESO from www.elderscrollso

      How to Get Started in The Elder Scrolls Online:

      To get started in ESO, you’ll need a premium character account. To create an account with premium services, you’ll need a credit card. If you don’t have a credit card, you can create an account with a prepaid or virtual card through our website. If you would like to purchase The Elder Scrolls Online with a gift card, you can do so in our store.

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