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System.Windows.Controls.DatePicker in WPF also takes mouse focus

I am developing an application in WPF and I have a DatePicker control on which I have to click twice in order for the calendar to be shown. The first click opens the calendar while the second one selects a date. I know that this is a design choice of the control but I want to make a custom control which won’t take mouse focus on pressing on the button. Any suggestions?


Use override the Focus() method in your custom DatePicker Control. And create a logic to handle the button clicks as follows.
1) Check the click type using the first click event.
If it is a button click it will be a double click.
2) Now check the click event as MouseUp instead of MouseDown.
3) Now get the ClickCount property from the ClickEventArgs.
You can use the following logic.
private void

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