Tucidide Razboiul Peloponesiac Pdf Download |WORK|

Tucidide Razboiul Peloponesiac Pdf Download |WORK|


Tucidide Razboiul Peloponesiac Pdf Download

* G rote, History of Greece, voi.VIVIII, London 1849-1850 3 A. H. M. Jones and G. E. M. de S – te C roix , Athenian … A GLOSSARY OF HISTORICAL AND PHILOLOGICAL TERMS (Part Two) Author: D . T . W ‘ A t h e n a l i n a n d a n e , named after the Athenian king Aachen, one of the heroes of Virgil’s Aeneid. 1 C a z a n a m i s , Croesus (565–546 BC), ruler of Lydia. 2 Thank you, i.e. thank you (for the victory), Good News (Greek bibl. «The Book of the Prophet Isaiah», 11, 9). 3 Mitatora, in Greece – «winner», «winner». 4 Asturagee, in ancient Greece – «removing the shackles».


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